TablePress Plugin: How To Create A Website Using WordPress

TablePress is a plugin that allows the creation and editing of a new or old table to be published on a WordPress website. How to create a website using WordPress was made easy through these simple to use and easy plugins. You can download those from also. You don’t need to understand complex HTML syntax, only clicking and pointing.

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Crucial MX100 256 GB: A Low-Cost SSD Competitor

The SSD market has many established players and Crucial is one of the best. Crucial has come up with remarkable SSD models, of which MX100 is worth mentioning as it made serious waves especially with regard to its pricing. It can be debated whether low pricing is due to some serious cut-off in technology. But tests have shown that the product can compete with top SSDs in the market.

The MX100 relies on 16nm 128Gbit MLC cells which are most advanced milestones. Smaller size is advantageous in reducing power consumption and lower costs. Marvell controller is used for Crucial MX100 256GB SSD which can support in extremely low power states. This SSD is a simple aluminum case with crucial sticker on it that can fit into any kind of laptop.  The drive has capability for Secure Erasing command and has lifetime 72TB writing capacity. With an eye on price, performance and features, the Crucial MX100 256GB is a sweet spot.

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How To Get Rid Of Rats Using A Pest Repellent Machine?

If you are overfeeding wild birds then there is a chance that neighbourhood rats can come waltzing down over to your backyard to feast on the leftovers. If they happen to enter your home, you can make them dash out by using a pest repellent machine. The ultrasound it emits irritates the rats and they run away.

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Spray paints make wonders to old furniture by transforming into high gloss ones..

It is possible to get a clean, glossy piece of furniture with a little bit of effort and time. Few easy steps can give you that extra sheen and gloss to your furniture which will give it a brand new look.

1. Prepare the surface properly: Clean the surface free of any dust or oils. Use sandpaper on the surface for better adherence. Choose the right gritted sandpaper because wood needs different grit than metal.

2. Prime furniture: Prime the surface for a smooth base which helps give an even coating of the paint. It is best to use an enamel spray paint of the chosen color.

3. Use right painting technique: Shake the can for even color and test spray on a piece of cardboard or a piece of paper. Keep a check on spraying distance as mentioned in the can. Test the spray on an inconspicuous area and start painting in up and down movement, then side to side in a sweeping motion. Keep on shaking the can in between. Apply a thin coat, dry it as advised in the manual and then apply additional coats as required. It is best to use a high-quality paint to ensure proper coverage and durability. White high gloss furniture for living room will make a room seem much bigger as well as create a contemporary decorate with a sense of light. After drying, do touch-up of missed or uneven spots. Finally, use a layer of clear gloss finishing spray for a professional finish and an extra layer of protection.

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15 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in the World

From hieroglyphs indecipherable even today to stories of hikers found dead in unexplainable positions, we count 15 mysteries that have yet to been solved or even understood. You can order bjj patches from PatchYourGi™ here

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